Thursday, 18th July 2019

3 Red Light Fix Review

3 red light fix reviewReviewer: Sean Wade
Website: 3 Red Light Fix Review

I got the dreaded red ring of death on my Xbox while playing Call of Duty. My warranty had just expired on my Xbox and plus I didn’t want to wait 7 weeks to get my Xbox back and start playing on Xbox Live again. So I did a search and found 3 Red Light Fix. I will give you my honest and unbiased 3 Red Light Fix Review.

I was skeptical, but their first line at the top of the 3 Red Light Fix web page made my take the plunge. They state that: “Our Xbox 360 Repair Guide & Videos will help you fix your Xbox 360 in less than 1 hour, or we’ll give you a complete refund – no questions asked!”

How awesome is that? A full refund if I can’t get it to work. So I thought why not and went for it. I could fix it in an hour and get some COD (Call of Duty) play time and still have time to get ready for work.

3 Red Light Fix Review
3 Red Light Fix really lives up to their hype. I purchased the e-book and videos and they sent it to me right away. I took out my egg timer and set it to 60 minutes to see if they really lived up to their guarantee.

The 3 Red light fix guide was surprisingly easy to understand. I thought I would have to butcher my Xbox 360 and mess with its components. But it was nothing like that.

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I even saw a YouTube video of a guy fixing his red ring of death by standing on top of his Xbox 360. No way was I going to do that.
First thing I did was watch the videos because they were easier to watch than to read. Ten minutes roll by.

Then I skimmed through the material briefly. The egg timer counts down another 6 minutes or so.

3RedLightFix Review
I decide to get to work. Soon enough, I’m not even paying attention to the egg timer and working on my Xbox 360. I follow the guides and videos that 3 Red Light Fix sent me and didn’t really get confused at all.

Before I know it, I plug back in my Xbox 360 and turn it on.

Guess what?
Green lights! A flashing green light and I see something displayed on the screen. It’s the Xbox 360 logo. I can’t believe I actually got it to work.

I look at the egg timer and I still have 22 minutes to spare. How cool is that!

In my 3 Red Light Fix review, I give it two gamer thumbs up! The guide was easy to understand, and the best part was that it actually worked. I was so bummed that my Xbox stopped working but couldn’t believe it only took 38 minutes to get it up and running again.

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