Thursday, 18th July 2019

360FixKit Review

360fixkitReviewer: Sean Wade
Website: 360FixKit Review

I’ve been asked countless of times if 360FixKit is a scam. People aren’t 100% sure that they can really fix their Xbox 360 in under 2 hours. But their website does look more legit than other Xbox repair guides. I took the dive and said why not, so I had to give it a try.

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Here are the symptoms I had with my Xbox 360 and I’ll let you know if 360FixKit fixed it or not:

  • Red Lights of Death (RLOD) with 3 rights lights flashing
  • And also my disc tray was sticking.

My main concern was the RLOD and if the 360FixKit would be able to fix it. The disc tray sticking thing was just a minor annoyance that I could live with, but if it got fixed too, I would be cool with it.

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360FixKit Review
I tackled the easiest thing first and wanted to see if I could get the disc tray sticking thing out of the way. The disc tray sticking issue was in the PDF guide and I went directly to the chapter on it. It took about 10 minutes to get that fixed and consistently not have a problem with the disc try sticking again.

Once I got the easy stuff out of the way, I really needed to get the Red Lights of Death fixed once and for all. I poured through the video guides about the 3 red lights error. Then I got to work. I tried it myself and got stuck. After disassembling the Xbox 360, I got stuck at a point where I was supposed to take the disc drive out and also the fans. I wasn’t sure where the screws were.

I looked in the guide and video but it seemed to get me even more confused.

So I contacted their 24/7 technical support for the answer to my problem.

To my surprise, their technical support was actually very helpful. They told me exactly what I had done wrong (I was looking in the wrong place. No wonder I couldn’t find the screws). But even after that, the more difficult part of actually fixing the RLOD, the tech support actually walked me through the steps.

I was pleasantly surprised that they were so friendly and were able to help me so quickly. With 360FixKit’s help, I was able to get my Xbox running and fixed the RLOD in 1 hour and 43 minutes.

The technical support alone is why I give the 360FixKit Review two thumbs up. It got my Xbox running again and that’s all I care about.

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