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Fix Xbox 360 Controller

This guide will tell you how to fix Xbox 360 controller. Do you have buttons on your Xbox 360 controller that are dead or they stick? It’s annoying when your buttons stick when you’re trying to play your games. It’s even more annoying if you get killed or shot because you have dead buttons.

Don’t worry though; you can repair it yourself in a matter of minutes.

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Fix Xbox 360 Controller
First off, go to your local hardware store or Wal-mart and get a set of Torx bit screwdrivers. You can find a set for only $5. They are very handy to keep around the house anyway, so it’s a good idea to get them.

Then flip over your controller and remove the screws holding the controller together. Depending on what generation controller you have, there should be at least 6 screws and maybe 7 screws.

After taking out the screws, flip it right side up and take the top cover off. It may feel like everything just fell apart, but don’t panic. You’ll be able to put it all back together in a few minutes.

Make sure you are working on a table that is clean and empty so that you don’t lose any pieces. Put the screws someplace where you won’t lose them. I like to use a magnet that holds all the screws. Be careful to keep that magnet away from the controller though.

Take off all the buttons and rubber pads that the controller is sitting on. Lay it flat on the table and if there is something sticky on them, now is a good time to clean it. Use mild soap and some water or a damp cloth to clean the buttons. Be certain to keep the water away from the actually controller itself.

Then put the buttons and rubber pads in the same pattern that they go on the controller, but lay it flat on the table. This will allow it to dry before you put it back in. It also makes it a lot easier when you put everything back together. What also helps is if you draw yourself a diagram before you remove the buttons.

Fix Xbox 360 Controller
Now if you have a sticky or dead buttons, you’ll notice that the board is sticky as well. Use some cotton swabs or a Q-tip with just a tiny dab of rubbing alcohol. Then clean the board and contacts where the rubber pads meet the board. Make sure you don’t use too much alcohol but make it just enough that it can clean the board. At this point it’s a good idea to clean your controller itself while you’re at it. It can get really dirty from the hand sweat when playing games.

Wait about 20 minutes or so for everything to completely dry. Turn the top piece over and put all the buttons in place. The keypad only fits one way so there’s no messing up there. Put the bottom cover back in and screw the screws back in.

Now double check that all the buttons are in place and they all can be pressed down just fine. Check that everything is firmly in place and plug the controller back in. That should work.

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