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Flashing Lights On Xbox

microsoft-ring-of-deathThere are several different sequences of flashing lights on Xbox which indicate different meanings. There are four quadrants on the Xbox 360 that surround the power light and button.

One of the most common problems is the 3 flashing red lights which indicates that there is a problem with your Xbox. You can send this to Microsoft for a repair, but it generally takes up to 8 weeks to get it back. Also if you’ve past your warranty, you won’t be able to send it in for repair. Don’t despair though, check out this 1-hour fix that can fix the 3 flashing light problem on your Xbox.

There are 4 quadrants starting from the top left corner and going clockwise we’ll count it as 1, 2 and then the bottom half3, 4. So 1 is top left, 2 is top right, 3 is bottom left, and 4 is bottom right. The middle power light is always green when turned on.

Powered On
The powered on state is when the flashing lights on Xbox is green in quadrant 1. So the top left corner is green. The top left corner is illuminated green when the console is on and operating normally. If you have more controllers connected, the other green quadrants will turn on. With just 1 controller connected, only the top left corner will be green. If you have all 4 controllers connected, all 4 quadrants will be green.

Hardware Failure
The bottom right quadrant will be red if there is a hardware failure. This is in quadrant 4 that will have the 1 flashing red lights on your Xbox. Quadrant 4, or Q4, will flash red and a 2 digit error code will be displayed on the display. The error code for this is usually E74 which means a hardware failure.

Many people think that the E74 code is the code of death and that there’s no way to fix your Xbox.

Check out this Xbox Repair Guide to fix E74 Hardware Failure in under 1 hour.

Sometimes your Xbox 360 gets too hot and needs to cool down. When the temperature reaches this threshold where it’s unusually hot you’ll see that the two left quadrants will be red. Quadrant 1 and quadrant 3 will be flashing red. This indicates that you need to turn off your Xbox, unplug it, and let it cool down. Wait at least 20 minutes before you turn it back on. The longer you wait, the better.

Red Ring Of Death Xbox
When you get the quadrants 1, 3, and 4 lit, it means you have the red ring of death on your Xbox 360. This means that the top left, and two bottom quadrants are flashing red. This is also called the 3 ring of death Xbox. Don’t fret though, you don’t have to wait 6 weeks to send in your Xbox and wait for Microsoft to send it back. I have a repair guide that you can use to fix your Xbox and have it working within 1 hour and usually less than an hour.

Click here to see the Xbox Repair Guide to have your Xbox running in under 1 hour.

AV Cable Error
When you get all 4 quadrants flashing red, it means that an AV cable is not detected. You’ll need to plug it in all the way and make sure that it fits tightly. If it is plugged in and you still get this error, it could mean a more serious problem. If you Xbox 360 has a HDMI connection, you won’t see this AV cable error because it is connecting through the HDMI.

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