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How To Repair Xbox 360

You’ve come here for tips on How To Repair Xbox 360 and get it up and running again. You have come to the right place. Here you’ll find everything you need to know from RROD, red ring of death, RLOD, red light of death, over heating, 1 red light of death, 2 red light of death, 2 red ring of death, Xbox power supply problems, and many more.

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Before we start, we first have to figure out the problem with your Xbox 360. This can usually be gauged by the lights on the front of your Xbox. The red flashing lights indicate that there’s something wrong with your Xbox.

How To Repair Xbox 360
One Red Ring Of Death Xbox 360
Two Red Ring Of Death Xbox 360
Three Red Ring Of Death Xbox 360
Four Red Ring Of Death Xbox 360

Click on any of those above links to take you to the solution to you problem or click here to see the Xbox Repair Guide.

If the problem is not with any rings of death, it could be other issues such as your controller not working, your power supply getting to hot, or if you keep getting game freezing and your Xbox crashing. You may even have problems with discs being scratched or your disc sticking to the tray. Whatever your problem is, this site is here to help you out.

I’ve had an Xbox 360 for years and worked in the Microsoft Repair Center so I know everything there is about fixing Xboxes.
Let me tell you, sending your Xbox to the warranty repair center is the last thing you want to do. You don’t know what goes on behind those doors and you also don’t end up with your same Xbox back.

To speed up the process of getting your Xbox back and turnaround, what Microsoft does is it only keeps the outside shell of your Xbox (the white part) and swaps everything else out. If you notice, all the internal parts could belong to someone else.

How To Repair Xbox 360
For example, just the other day we got an Xbox 360 in and it looked like it was babied. The sticker was still on the silver tray part and it looked brand new. It was such a shame that we had to swap it for another one. The one we swapped it out had scratches all over the metal part of it.

The worst part of it was that we couldn’t do anything about it. It is Microsoft’s policy to get these turned around as soon as possible. And that means that you won’t get your same Xbox back, at least not the internal parts.

So take if from me, you want to do all the repairs yourself. It’s actually really easy to do.

Follow my Xbox Repair Guide here and I’ll show you exactly what I do and how to fix any problems you have with your Xbox.

Click here to access the Xbox Repair Guide instantly.

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