Thursday, 18th July 2019

My Xbox 360 Keeps Freezing Up

My Xbox 360 Keeps Freezing Up
The most common problem I get from Xbox gamers is they say to me, “My Xbox 360 keeps freezing up.”
If you read all the articles on the net now when you search for “My Xbox 360 keeps freezing up,” they’ll give you a half-ass explanation that it’s because of overheating.

Although overheating is a cause of it, they’re only scraping the surface with why it overheats. They fail to mention that it’s because of the Graphics Processing Unit and the soldering that was used on it. But also they don’t mention anything about the Power Supply Unit (PSU).

I’ll go over in detail the problem of: My Xbox 360 Keeps Freezing Up

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My Xbox 360 Keeps Freezing Up
How to stop your Xbox 360 from freezing
1. Make sure your room or house that you are playing your Xbox 360 is well ventilated.
2. Don’t leave your Xbox 360 in the cabinet while it’s on, it’s not getting enough air.
3. If you have carpets or rugs, don’t place the console on that while it’s on. Keep it on the hardwood floors if you got some.
4. The back of the Xbox 360 has fans. Don’t block this area what so ever.
5. The PSU gets really hot when it’s on carpet and causes freezes ups
a. If you want to maximize the amount of air the Power Supply Unit gets, hang it by a piece of string so it’s getting enough air
b. You can also use a cardboard box and put the PSU on it’s sides
6. Put a fan next to your Xbox 360 and PSU on a hot summer day if you don’t have AC
7. Do not put your Xbox in the freezer or fridge because it will get condensation on the inside
8. If you leave your Xbox on all the time, give it a good hard restart at leave once a day.
9. Placing the Xbox near the TV vents is not a good idea either. The TV needs to cool down too

These tips will help you conquer the problem of: My Xbox 360 Keeps Freezing Up.

Here is the cause why it does freeze. Imagine a bridge that connects two roads together. If there is a crack or break in the road, cars can simply drive over it. But that crack will get bigger and bigger. Now imagine an electrical current. It needs to have two pieces of metal connected for that current to travel on. If there is a crack in the road for a electrical current, it can’t get to the other side, no matter if that crack is a hairline crack or a huge void.

What happens when your Xbox freezes is that it gets so hot and then has to cool down right away. Think about what you learned in science class. When something heats and cools down really quickly, it expands and contracts. This expanding and contracting will cause the metal to wear and eventually crack.

That is why it is important to keep your Xbox cool and at room temperature at all times.

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