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Three Flashing Red Lights on Xbox 360

xbox-green-ringThe problem with three flashing red lights on Xbox 360 is the most common problem faced with gamers. The three flashing lights is a code for what Microsoft calls “general hardware failure.” Xbox gamers call this the red ring of death.

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Three Flashing Red Lights on Xbox 360

If your Xbox is under warranty, you can send it in for replacement, but there are at least three downsides to this.

  1. You have to wait about 4-6 weeks and sometimes longer depending on the situation. I had a friend who sent his in but had to wait 8 weeks because of how he filled out the form online. Going cold turkey and not playing your Xbox for over a month and maybe 2 months can be really painful. It throws you out of your funk and you have to get back where you left off and lose some of your gamer skills.
  2. The Xbox you get back won’t necessarily be yours. What Microsoft does to speed up the warranty replacement is they gut out your Xbox. The only thing that will be yours is the white shell around the Xbox. The inside parts and back metal piece could have came from a 12-year old gamer who abused their Xbox. You never know where it came from. My friend the other day just got his Xbox back after waiting 6 weeks. When he went to go power it on, it was set in UK time and he lives in the United States. So it looked like his original Xbox got replaced by some kid in the UK. Also he looked at the back metal part and it was all scratched up. It sucks that he babied his Xbox and because of the red ring of death, he gets one back that’s all scratched up.
  3. You lose out on Xbox Live for a month or so. While your Xbox is being repaired, you can’t pause your Xbox Live subscription and you basically lose out on a whole month and sometimes two. You also lose some of your skills. I mean, it is like riding your bicycle in which you’ll never forgot. But once you start playing Call of Duty again, you’ll notice that you’ll be a bit rusty at first.

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The Cause of Three Flashing Red Lights on Xbox 360

Some people say that the cause of the three flashing red lights on Xbox 360 is due to overheating. Other say it’s the graphics chip that Microsoft used. Although Microsoft neither confirms or denies what the cause is, I personally think it’s a combination of both along with the cold solder joints. There are air bubbles that form underneath these chips which can cause weak spots. What happens is that the void or air bubble cause cracking when the console heats up. It’s pretty technical, but I’ll cover the causes of the three flashing red lights.

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