Thursday, 18th July 2019

ThreeRedLightsFix Review

three-ring-of-death-xboxReviewer: Sean Wade
Website: ThreeRedLightsFix Review

Upon starting my ThreeRedLightsFix review, I bought the ThreeRedLightsFix from the website. At first, I was a bit weary about getting it from the site because it seemed overly sales-like. I mean, looking at the website, it’s obvious with the large headlines and sub-headlines that ThreeRedLightsFix is trying to sell you their guide. I don’t blame them, if it works I’ll be glad to get it. But do they have to be so overly sale-y?

To skip the review and see the actual Xbox Repair Guide, go ahead and click this link to go straight to the Xbox Repair Guide.

While the other guides on the net claims to fix your red ring of death on your Xbox in an hour, ThreeRedLightsFix claims that it can fix it in 37 minutes or your money back. That’s a pretty bold claim to be able to fix the ring of death in just 37 minutes flat.

I had a chance to talk with the creator of ThreeRedLightsFix, Chris Jones, for a few minutes. I asked him how he can put a guarantee that my Xbox would be fixed in 37 minutes. I wondered because what if I had no knowledge in disassembling the Xbox 360.

ThreeRedLightsFix Review

Chris assured me that he has a fix that didn’t involve even taking the Xbox apart. Now I was really in disbelief. I went ahead and got the guide because he stood by his guarantee confidently and I kind of wanted to prove him wrong.

I figured that if this company has been around for 3 years, it’s go to be legit. And there was no doubt about it. As soon as I got the e-book (within minutes, almost seconds), I poured through the information and his method does sound like something that should work.

Click here to see the Xbox 360 repair guide that can fix your ring of death in 37 minutes.

I went ahead and tried the method that didn’t require the dis assembly because I was scared to open up my Xbox 360. To my surprise, it actually worked. I was able to pop Halo 3 back in and start playing. Although it took a little longer, at 44 minutes, I wasn’t going to contest him over 7 minutes. I did take my sweet time.

I was honestly impressed that it worked. I have no doubt in my mind that ThreeRedLightsFix will work for you and it is definitely something that works. I want to thank Chris Jones for creating ThreeRedLightsFix because it got my Xbox 360 working in just a matter of minutes. I also want to thank him for letting me do this ThreeRedLightsFix Review. I won’t hold it to him that it took 7 minutes longer than he advertised, but as long as it worked!

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