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Xbox 1 Ring Of Death

xbox-1-ring-of-deathThe most hated Xbox 1 Ring Of Death usually happens with your Xbox 360 freezes and when you go to restart it, you got a 1 ring that flashes in the lower-right quadrant. This is also known as the E74 error, which will display on the screen.

When you get the Xbox 1 Ring of Death, it usually means there is something wrong with your hard drive. The connection could be loose or worse corrupted. Don’t fret, I’ve had this happen to me many times and was able to fix it in under an hour.

Click here to skip ahead to see my Xbox Repair Guide I used to fix the Xbox 1 Ring of Death.

The problem with the Xbox 1 ring of death or E74 error is that it is not covered by Microsoft warranty. That’s the bad news. The good news is that since it’s just the bottom right quadrant and just 1 ring, it’s not the RROD. The Red Ring Of Death is when you have 3 red flashing lights.

To see if it’s your hard drive problem, remove the hard drive and then turn on the Xbox 360. If the red light is no longer there, the problem is most likely the hard drive. The problem could also stem from another internal issue if the red light is still there.

To see full instructions on how to troubleshoot the Xbox 1 Ring Of Death, check out this Xbox Repair Guide.

If you have another code besides E74, check out these other codes to troubleshoot the problem:

E65 – DVD Drive Error
This means that you may have the wrong DVD firmware or the DVD timed out.

E67 – Hard Drive Error
You can take out the hard drive and see if it still plays. It could mean the connection or the hard drive itself.

E68 – Hard Drive Error
Similar to the E67 hard drive error, but it is more related to EPROM

E69 – Hard Drive Error
Also similar to the E67 and E68 hard drive error, but tells exactly what’s wrong with the hard drive.

E74 – Encoder Chip Error
This is the dreaded error that can ruin your Xbox 360 if you don’t know how to fix it

E79 – Hard Drive Error
This specifically states what’s wrong with the hard drive and is similar to codes E67, E68, and E 69.

To see how to diagnose these codes and fix your Xbox 360 in under an hour, I highly recommend this Xbox Repair Guide

Click here to visit the Xbox Repair Guide

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