Thursday, 18th July 2019

Xbox 360 2 Red Lights Fix

When you get the Xbox 360 2 Red lights it is because of overheating. Keep reading to see how to the Xbox 360 2 red lights fix. You will see the left two lights flashing red. I’ll go over the causes of the 2 red lights and also how to avoid it in the future. These tips will keep your Xbox 360 running smoothly for hours without interruption.

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The Cause of Xbox 360 2 Red Lights
When you get the Xbox 360 2 Red Lights error, the top left quadrant around the power button and the bottom left quadrant will be flashing red. This is actually the most common error that Xbox gamers encounter during the life span of their 360.

The culprit: Overheating

Your Xbox 360 is basically a small computer and it’s packaged in a tiny console. This gives it very little room to vent out air, but just enough so that if you block some parts of it, it can overheat.

Think about your laptop or your desktop computer you have at home. Let’s pretend you put your laptop under the covers in the bed while it was on or if you blocked the back vents to your desktop computer (don’t actually try this). But what will actually happen is that it will get really hot and it can damage some parts in the machinery.

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Xbox 360 2 Red Lights Fix and tips to avoid it
Here are some tips to avoid the Xbox 360 2 Red Lights so that it doesn’t rudely interrupt your game play.

First off, don’t leave your Xbox on a carpet or rug while it is turned on. What happens is that the Xbox 360 will collect too much heat because it can’t expend the heat elsewhere. Think of it like wearing a rug poncho in the middle of summer.

Next, if you have your Xbox 360 in a cabinet, it is not getting enough air to ventilate. It needs to have continuous air flowing into the console and out so that the hot air goes out. Imagine a hot summer day and you have a fan facing the wall instead of at you. What help would that be?

Xbox 360 2 Red Lights Fix
Lastly, make sure that the power supply unit (PSU) is also off the carpet. These things get really hot and that heat is transferred to the console. The PSU will not be able to handle as much heat because there is no cooling element like a fan that the Xbox 360 has. Keep if off the ground if you can and suspend it so that there is air blowing at it.

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