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Xbox 360 E74 Fix

xbox-e74-errorThe Xbox 360 E74 error code is means general hardware failure. Many think that there is no Xbox 360 E74 fix available because it used to be not covered box Microsoft warranty. But as of April 2009, Microsoft decided to cover the E74 error under the 3-year warranty.

What happens with when you get the Xbox E74 error is when the bottom right quadrant of the 4 red lights, light up. Then on the display, you’ll see the error “E74 System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support.”

If you are past the 3-year warranty date, you’re not totally screwed. Read more on how to get the Xbox 360 E74 Fix. But first let’s look at the cause of the E74 error.

If you’d like to skip ahead to the Xbox 360 E74 Fix, go ahead and click this link to see the Xbox repair guide including the Xbox E74 Fix.

The Cause of the E74 Error

The Xbox 360 has a hardware scaler chip inside which causes the error. What happened is that Microsoft, in an attempt to reduce costs, used an in-house method to design the chip. Instead of going to their ASIC vendor to have them design the chip, Microsoft did it themselves. They actually fails numerous times and had the ASIC vendor redesign their chip so that it would dissipate less heat.

If they would have just went with the ASIC vendor in the first place, they would have avoided this whole E74 error problem.

Another cause of the E74 error is because of the soldering points that used to solder. In an effort to reduce the amount of lead used, Microsoft used lead-free solder which is more brittle at higher temperatures. What happens is that the soldering points have hair line cracks when it heats up and then cools down. The electric current is unable to jump through these cracks which cause the E74 error.

Now knowing the cause of the error, you probably want to find the Xbox E74 360 Fix to save your Xbox. Knowing that the problem is caused by heating up your Xbox and cooling it down, do NOT try methods that overheat your Xbox. This includes:

  • Baking your Xbox. This makes it way too hot for it to handle and actually damages silicon parts
  • Wrapping your Xbox in a towel. This again makes it too hot and causes other parts inside your 360 to overheat and melt.
  • Standing on your Xbox. Believe it or not, people have said that standing on your Xbox a certain way will fix the E74 Error. We don’t really need to explain this any futher, it’s just plain dumb

Here’s the real way to do the Xbox 360 E74 Fix. Read this Xbox Repair Guide in full and you’ll be able to have your 360 up and running in no time. It only took me an hour and ten minutes to get it up and going again.

Click here to access the Xbox Repair Guide which covers the Xbox 360 E74 Fix

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