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Xbox 360 Overheating Fix

xbox-overheating-fixMy Xbox 360 was crashing at least once every 20 minutes due to overheating. Here’s my Xbox 360 overheating fix that I used. I’ve been playing for 4 hours straight and no crashes so far! I have left the consol on for 7 hours just to see if it would crash and the overheating fix works.

Before I get into the Xbox 360 Overheating Fix, let’s go over why it overheating causes freezing in the first place.

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What happens is that there is an internal temperature gauge inside the Xbox 360 which measures the amount of heat inside the Xbox. The reason they have this is because if it gets too hot inside the Xbox, the parts, especially the silicon parts can get easily damaged and won’t work anymore.

One major problem with Xbox 360s is that if it gets too hard, there will be cracks that form in the soldering joints under the chips. These hairline fractures are enough to make a gap that electrical current can’t travel through. So it’s a good thing that your Xbox 360 freezes to stop the console from overheating.

There are some measures you can take to prevent the console from ever reaching such a high temperature.

Here’s the Xbox 360 Overheating fix to prevent your Xbox from getting to hot:
1. Make sure your Xbox 360 console is not on a rug or carpet. If you have hardwood floors, leave it on the hardwood floor and not on any type of rug that will trap the heat in.

2. If you have your Xbox 360 console inside a closed TV stand, make sure that you keep it open while it’s on. Also make sure it’s not too close to the back of the stand where it blocks the vents on the back of the Xbox 360.

3. If you don’t have any other open, use a box to put the Xbox 360 on top of.

4. Take the power supply off of the ground. It gets really hot when it’s on carpet as well.

5. If you could suspend the power supply with some string that would be the best option, if not, just get a box with no cover and put the power supply on the edges

6. The main point is to get the power supply unit off of the ground for maximum heat release.

Xbox 360 Overheating Fix
This is what you do if your Xbox 360 freezes and overheats.

1. Turn off your Xbox 360 console

2. Unplug the power supply from the Xbox 360

3. Leave it off and unplugged for about 20 minutes

4. The longer you leave it in the better. Don’t do anything like putting the Xbox in the freezer. The moisture from the freezer could actually damage the Xbox

5. Plug everything back in and it should work again.

Check out this Xbox Repair Guide for more tips on keeping your Xbox 360 from overheating.

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