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Xbox 360 Repair Guide

Xbox 360 Repair Guide

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an Xbox 360 Repair Guide. I used to work for a major Fortune 500 company in the division that dealt repairing Xbox 360s. You can probably guess which company, it’s actually really obvious. It’s the company that makes the Xbox 360s.

I worked in the Xbox Repair Center so I know all about Xbox 360s and anything that goes on with them. I have personally handled 100,000+ Xboxes with my career in repairing Xbox 360s.

Take a look at my Xbox 360 Repair Guide to fix any kind of problem you have with your Xbox 360.

It won’t take long before you start playing Gears of War 2, GTA IV, Halo 3, Guitar Hero, Call Of Duty, or Assassin’s Creed.

Xbox 360 Repair Guide
I know that from working personally on Xbox 360s, that their reliability rate is horrible. You probably have a 50% chance of having something go wrong with your Xbox 360. That’s like flipping a coin. The lack of reliability is the only thing that distinguishes the Xbox 360 from other game consoles.

When normally you should be getting green lights on your Xbox and you see three red lights or any number of red lights that blink, it’s just a horrible feelings. I know how it must feel. I’ve been there before and I’ve actually handled a number of Xbox 360s that went through the same thing.

When a console is out of warranty, we used to charge any where from $140 to $180 to fix your Xbox. Almost enough for you to buy yourself a new one. Even under warranty, it takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to get your Xbox 360 back.

There a better way to fix your Xbox 360. Take a look at this Xbox Repair Guide and do it yourself. If I can do it, anyone can.

Click here to get instant access to the Xbox Repair Guide.

Here are some tips to avoid getting the RROD from a professional.

  • Keep your Xbox 360 well ventilated. If it’s in a TV stand type cabinet, take it out and let it breathe fresh air in the open instead of being trapped inside a small space
  • Place your Xbox 360 on something hard when it’s turned on: hardwood floors, a cardboard box, on top of a wood TV stand. It’s generally a bad idea put it on your carpet.
  • Don’t block the fans in the back as that helps cool down your Xbox 360

For more tips and tricks, check out this Xbox Repair Guide available for instant download.

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