Thursday, 18th July 2019

Xbox 360 RROD Fix

Here’s a simple Xbox 360 RROD Fix that can get your Xbox 360 running within a couple of minutes. I know how frustrating it can be to have your gameplay interrupted by freezing and then turning your Xbox back up to see the RROD (Red Ring Of Death). This is a free and fast Xbox 360 RROD Fix that can save you some trouble.

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My Xbox flashed the 3 RROD while playing Call of Duty and refused to turn on for a few days afterwards. First I tried this method that worked for some people, but not for me:

Xbox 360 RROD Fix

  1. Disconnect everything.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the wall
  3. Unplug the power cord from the power supply
  4. Unplug the power supply from the Xbox 360 console
  5. Unplug all controllers
  6. Wait about 5 minutes. If you’ve been playing for a while, like a few hours, it’s good to wait like 20 minutes for it to cool down a bit. If you have the Xbox in a TV stand or cabinet, take it out and leave it on a table out in the open so that it can cool down efficiently.
  7. Plug everything back in one by one. Make sure that all the connections have a snug and firm fit.
  8. Plug the power back in and turn it on. Hopefully the Xbox 360 RROD will disappear.

If that works then that’s great because you can get back to playing. The problem is usually because you have it in an area where it gets too hot.

If that doesn’t work, don’t worry. The next fix I used fixed my problem within minutes.

Xbox 360 RROD Fix
I realized that my problem with the Xbox 360 was because of the power source. I had my Xbox 360 plugged into a cheap surge protector, like one of these general Made-In-China surge protectors. So what I did instead was take my UPC Backup Battery I had connected to my computer and plugged the Xbox 360 into it.

The trick is to connect the Xbox 360 into a really good surge protector or directly into the wall itself. Sometimes the wall outlets have a faulty connection, so that’s where the UPC Backup comes in. It tells you if the wall connection is faulty or clean. You can try connecting your Xbox 360 to another wall outlet.

What I think is that the Xbox 360 and the Power Supply Unit (PSU) needs really good clean power. And disturbances in the power will cause the Xbox console to give you a Xbox 360 RROD error. What happens is that the proper flow of power to the console and to the PSU is not enough.

The real problem could be not the Xbox 360 console itself, but the actually wall outlet or surge protector.

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