Thursday, 18th July 2019

Xbox Ring of Death Towel Trick

xbox-360-ring-of-death-towel-trickXbox Ring of Death Towel Trick
If you have the ring of death on your Xbox 360, you might have heard of the Xbox ring of death towel trick where you wrap your Xbox in a bath towel to get rid of the RROD. You might have seen videos of people doing the towel trick and having the RROD mysteriously disappear. I can vouch that it does work, but only for the short-term. It can damage your Xbox 360 in the long term. Keep reading to find out why.

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Why the Xbox Ring of Death Towel Trick works
First you need to understand why you get the Red Ring of Death in the first place. The reason why is because of cold solder joints inside the chips. What happens is that the solder underneath the chips have not properly melted which leads to air bubbles and weak spots known as cold solder joints. These happen when there’s prolonged heat inside the console that causes these areas under the chips to crack.

The reason why the Xbox ring of death towel trick works is that it heats up the console to an even higher temperature, allowing the solder to go into these cracks. But what these YouTube videos don’t show you is that once the Xbox cools down again (which it’s supposed to do) the cracks form again, but this time it forms even larger.

The videos never show you what happens after about an hour into playing with the towel trick. It goes back into the RROD mode. If you keep doing the Xbox ring of death towel trick, the cracks just get worse and worse.

Find out how to fix your Xbox Ring of Death permanently the proper way.

The Xbox 360 is basically a computer. It has a fan to cool itself down when temperatures reach a higher degree. With the Xbox 360 wrapped in towels, it’ll just keep getting hotter and hotter. Sure, the Xbox Ring of Death Towel trick will work for the first few times. But once it’s hits a breaking point, this threshold can no longer support the heat and your Xbox 360 will no longer be fixable.

The Dangers of Using the Xbox Ring Of Death Towel Trick
People who do the towel trick only think in the short term, but what they are doing is damaging their Xbox 360 to a point where it can no longer be fixed.

Imagine wrapping your laptop or TV in towels and letting it run all day. It will get so hot, that certain parts will melt.

Wrapping something that gets hot can also cause a fire. It’s just common sense. It’s like trying to wrap a ball of fire with towels – it will just burn up!

You don’t want to cause a fire with your Xbox and you certainly don’t want to overheat your Xbox 360 any more than it has.
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