Thursday, 18th July 2019

Xbox360RedLightFix Review

xbox-360-red-light-fix-proReviewer: Sean Wade
Website: Xbox360RedLightFix Review

I spoke with James Dean, the creator of Xbox360RedLightFix and told him I was going to do a Xbox360RedLightFix review for his product. He hooked it up with the manuals and videos so that I could do a proper review.

He seemed like a nice person on the phone and we even chatted it up for a while. He told me how he got into selling this Xbox360RedLightFix when he got fed up waiting for Microsoft to send him back his Xbox 360. He said he waited 9 weeks to get it back from Microsoft. That’s ridiculous!

What struck me at first was that the videos he included are in high definition and were step-by-step instructions. I barely even needed the guide because the videos by itself were a big help.

I went through the tools that I needed and it was just common household tools I had at home in the garage. It didn’t seem like I needed any technical knowledge since I had no idea how the Xbox 360 works.

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The first thing I did was disassemble my Xbox 360. I made sure I watched the whole section of that video so that I could be prepared on what to do.

Xbox360RedLightFix Review
It was easy enough that anyone could do it. Check out this customer testimonial on how he fixed the 3 ring of death problem in about the same time it took me, just under an hour.

Again the high def videos really made a difference with Xbox360RedLightFix and it was the reason why I chose this product as the best performing one.


Here’s why you should get Xbox360RedLightFix

  • It takes care of freeze up in the middle of game play
  • Sometimes you get those checkered graphics that ruin your frame rate. Xbox360RedLightFix handles that problem
  • 2 Red lights: the annoying 2 red light problem that happens from overheating
  • 4 red lights: how to fix it with your AV cable
  • 1 red light, or the E74 error. This is by far the most annoying error because Microsoft doesn’t even cover it in their warranty. Good thing the guys at Xbox360RedLightFix will tell you how to fix it.

All in all Xbox360RedLightFix fixed my Xbox 360 and I have it up and running again. There’s nothing else that needs to be said really, other than: It works!

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